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Decking Cleaning & Oiling

Jetstream Cleaning provide a professional service for the cleaning and oiling of wooden decking and furniture. We will clean and oil decking in most areas around Swindon, including the nearby towns of Marlborough, Wootton Bassett, Cricklade and Shrivenham.

If you have had decking installed in your garden you are probably already aware of the challenges in keeping it clean and tidy. Decking is one of those surfaces that looks good initially but quickly deteriorates if not looked after on a regular basis. Green algae and moss in particular will spread rapidly on damp areas of wooden decking making the surface very slippery especially when damp or wet. Other associated problems include bird stains and oil and grease from barbecues.

We can clean most types of decking, whether it is hardwood or softwood decking. We use powerful pressure washers that can quickly remove any dirt and grime from from the surface of the decking. We may have to pre-treat the decking first with a fast acting moss and algae remover to ensure the pressure cleaning process is very effective and up to the standards our customers expect.

Once the decking has been pressure washed it is then left to dry off for 2-3 days. Once dry we can then apply a high quality decking oil to keep the decking looking like new. The decking should be re-treated with decking oil every year otherwise the wood colouring may start to fade.

If you live in Swindon or a town nearby in Wiltshire we can provide a FREE no obligation quote for decking cleaning and oiling. All you have to do is call 0800 988 0348 or complete our online enquiry form and we will do the rest.